REACHING OUT for JKB EEF volunteers for summer 2018!     

Only 3 volunteers each week are needed-one to teach with Bill and two to run the athletic activities for the kids.  You’ll be staying in the dorm (same as the kids & myself).  Volunteer rooms will be at the end of the hallway, so it adds a little distance from the kids.  The rooms are configured to accommodate 2 volunteers sharing a suite.  There is a small sitting area with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to share.  It’s like your own little cabin….with electricity & air conditioning.
Volunteer needs:

  • Setting up activities/getting equipment out & in place
  • Refereeing the sports.   Monitoring “Olympic Week” with multiple sports/activities.  Each team will vie for points based on performance in each during the week.  Gold awarded at the end of the week.  There will be sand volleyball, Frisbee golf, cage ball, Water Polo & Relays.  We’ll probably do some 3 on 3 basketball, flag football etc.  With the athletic center and facilities/equipment available…the opportunities are endless!
  • Presence when kids are at the athletic center….just in case…it isn’t like chaperoning, but I think we will want someone available in case something happens.  Volunteers can take advantage of the workout facilities as well.
  • A certified lifeguard is needed each Friday afternoon.
  • ROPES course volunteer.  Since we are completing the course all in one day, we will break the group into 2 groups of 10.  I will work with one group, the other person will work with the second group.


You have the choice to drive yourself to Monmouth College or take the bus with the kids.  The bus will pick up & drop off at Naperville North HS.  The bus will leave on Sunday(s) by NOON (arriving at MC around 3PM).  Drop off on Saturday(s) will be by Noon or sooner.  If driving, please arrive no later than 2:30 on the Sunday of the week.


Many thanks!   See the sign- up sheet for the volunteer openings.  I’m very excited to return to Monmouth College and once again to experience the opportunities that being on a college campus gives the program.






JKB Experiential Education Foundation