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May 18, 2016
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During her junior year, Stacey Torkelson was challenged with creating a team community problem solving project for Holy Trinity’s Future Problem Solvers team. Following her heart and her drive to help others, she suggested the team start a tutoring program for students at Stone Middle School. The program began with just a handful of Holy Trinity students and just six middle schoolers.

“I started my work at Stone because I’ve always had an immense passion for working with kids and teaching,” Stacey said. “It’s become such a big part of my life that I’m grateful for because it has put kids in my life who I love working with and who have shown me what I hope to do in my career. The entire process of beginning a partnership like this has taught me a lot about how to successfully collaborate and what kind of leader I would like to be.”

Over the last two years, the tutoring program has grown significantly. Each week, 18 high school students from Holy Trinity travel to Stone Middle to tutor as many as 45 seventh and eighth graders. As Stacey prepares to graduate on May 14, she reflected back on the experience.

“The growth and ups and downs of the program every week were a lot to handle for the entire team of us working at Stone, but looking back over the past two years I am grateful for all of it,” Stacey reflected. “There have been such special relationships made between tutors and students, and it will be so sad to say goodbye to that.”

For her leadership, Stacey recently was named the Stone Middle School Volunteer of the Year. After she graduates, the program will be headed by rising seniors Hannah Lee and Enya Torsney. “I definitely recommend to any Holy Trinity students to get involved, as the program is going to continue,” Stacey added. “I can’t wait to come back and see where it has gone.”

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