Shout out to Blake Butler – JKB 2010

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March 14, 2016
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March 15, 2016
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Shout out to Blake Butler – JKB 2010


Shout out to Blake Butler – JKB 2010 (DGS). The organization (Love your Mellon whose mission is to put a hat on every child in America battling cancer) challenged 11,000 college students to submit their idea answering the question “If you could do anything to change the world, what would you do”. Blake was 1 of 160 individuals chosen. He just attended a brainstorming & inspirational week in Beaver, UT…oh and some skiing and hiking. Once again…I’m ‪#‎ProudMamaC‬ !

Graduation looms for nursing student, service dog in training

URBANA — Nursing student Blake Butler first began fostering a service dog in training named Circee when she was just a 10-week-old puppy who still needed to learn the basics of dog living.

Now, just months before both he and the 20-month-old are set to graduate — Butler from the Urbana campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing, Circee from the Illini Service Dog program — Circee can tug open a refrigerator, jump up and turn on light switches, pull off socks and push buttons to get doors open.

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